Middletown CT Youth Baseball Softball Little League Ahern Whalen

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Baseball for 13 - 18 year olds
for those that have graduated Little League
DOB as of May 1st
affiliated with both
Babe Ruth Baseball & Little League

Spring Baseball
The spring season is open to all players league age 13 through 18
who do not play for one of their high school’s teams.
Teams will not get formed until after the high school teams have made their cuts.  This year, we are hoping to schedule some indoor practices in March and early April.  Once the city opens up the fields, we’ll move outside.
Games will start in mid-April.  Most games will be played against other Babe Ruth teams within our district (Cheshire, Meriden, Hamden, North Haven, Newington, to name a few).  However, we may also play some games against teams a little further away, but those games would only be played on the weekends.
The goal will be to play 16 games by the end of May.  Playoffs will be the first and second weekend of June.
Aside from the playoffs, the district plans to organize a Memorial Day weekend tournament, which will also include an MLB style All-Star game – 2 to 3 players from each league team will form two All-Star teams and play in a North vs. South format.
According to CT. High School Rules [CIAC]
A player that is playing high school baseball, at any level, cannot be involved with any other baseball league. 
Middle school players CAN play for other baseball programs, so they are eligible to play for Ahern Whalen during the spring season.

Summer Baseball
The summer season is open to all players league age 13 through 18.
We will have two divisions:  13-15 and 16-18
Teams will be formed in early June.
Practices and games will start immediately after the spring season is over.
Games will start in mid-June.  Our pool of opponents will be similar to those we played in the spring.
The goal will be to play 16 games by the end of July.
For the 13-15 year old division, we will once again host the annual Ahern Whalen invitational tournament.  This is an All-Star type event where each town enters a single team.  This is a recreation league tournaments – teams with players who play primarily or exclusively Legion or AAU will not be invited.  The tournament will take place over two weekends in early August.
For the 16-18 year old division, the plans for this division are still fluid and evolving (we have not fielded a team in this age group for a couple of years).  Our hope and expectation is that there will be a post-season tournament and/or playoffs, but those plans are still gelling.

Fall Baseball

The fall baseball season will run from Labor Day until the end of October, approximately 16 games.
Team and Divisions will be based on the number of players signed up and age brackets.

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